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I make playful, voluminous forms, taking care to add small details only visible from closeup. The monochromatic white palette sometimes acts as a camouflage among other plain manufactured mugs or against gallery walls; to discover the tactile oddities and depth of surface, you must lean in, must touch, must learn to look. I’m a lover of words and how we piece them together, much like clay, to create meaning; I often derive inspiration from idioms because I’m interested in how we perceive the world through the lens of certain phrases. My current body of work refers specifically to cloud related idioms (every cloud has a silver lining, there’s a dark cloud on the horizon, get your head out of the clouds, on cloud nine, etc). What interests me about these idioms in particular is how the cloud is seen as both a positive and negative force depending on the context. A dark cloud on the horizon brings rain, perhaps a storm, but also provides the nourishment for plants to grow, for life to form. The recognizable iconography of the cloud----the caricature, if you will----provides an access point to enter the language of my work, allowing space for reflection on the role these simple phrases play in our lives.

Check out the May/June 2018 Pottery Making Illustrated issue for my how-to guide on creating a hollow butter dish.


I was featured in the May 2017 issue of Ceramics Monthly in the Exposure section for my solo pop-up show "Cups, Cakes, and Conversation: A Cloud Show" at Cupcake Royale in Seattle, WA.



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