Gustavo and Vanessa met at MassArt where they both got their BFA in Ceramics. Though they had a couple classes together throughout the first few years, it wasn't until they signed up as co-presidents of Clay 4 Change that they became close friends. From that point on, they were partners in crime. 


In 2017, they brought their dream of having a studio to life. With

the help of a crowd-funding campaign, they raised almost $7,000 to renovate a garage space--what is now Dirty E Studios! Since then, many events have taken place there: studio sales, an open house, classes, workshops--and even their wedding in August 2019!


Vanessa is a socialist and full-time potter whose hobbies include building spreadsheets, eating cheese, collecting tattoos, and rollerblading (poorly) in abandoned parking lots. You can usually find her in the studio--feet on the ground and head in the clouds.


Gustavo doodles on pots with messages based on his working class, immigrant, and socialist background. When he isn't organizing, he's pickling and fermenting veggies or learning something new on the guitar, piano, or drums.


Tel: 207-461-0003